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March 31, 2013 Specialty Regular Classes Results

Judge: Chris Kaiser

Puppy Dog, 9-12 Months

3 5 Alkhabara Every Girlz Dream. HP44219001. 06/27/12. Breeder, Aleksander Kullarand and Monica Kullarand. By Al Khabara Fiery Moustafa - Kingsleah Amazing Grace. Owners: Kathe Vaughan and Stephen Vaughan.
Ab 7 Xenos Composer. HP43849801. (Italy) 04/08/12. Breeder, Roberto Bongiovanni. By Ch. Zenos Coveted - Khandhu Skeeta Rita. Owners: Marla Capozzi and Brian Meindl.
1 9 Gazon War Paint. HP4417501. 06/18/12. Breeders, James Webb and Debbie Webb. By Ch. Gazon Needless to Say - Xnos Nyesa. Owners: James and Debbie Webb.
Ab 11 Shalomar Maestro's Masterpiece. HP43435401. 04/30/12. Breeders, Marina K. Pearce and Gonny De Niet. By Ch. Way Up Mr. Mister - Ch. Nefertari Dancing the Angel Waltz. Owners: Marina K. Pearce and Gonny De Niet. (Anna Stromberg, Agent)
2 15 Affiniti's Moving Picture of Mihdian. HP43009906. 05/17/12. Breeders, Martha Zehner and John Schoolcraft. By Ch. Llacue's Aloof Just Move On - Mihdian's To Sir With Love. Owners: N. Hollinger, J. Schoolcraft, S.Hollinger and M. Zehner.

Junior Dog,12-18 Months

1 19 Ziv Hii's Mythological Element. HP42240003. 11/27/11. Breeder, owner. By Ch.Alphaville's Walk the Line - Ch. Arcana's Fire Opal. Owner: Carla L. Helm.
2 21 Wynsyr Magsai. HP42650104. 12/12/11. Breeders, G. Lennon, P. Yelowshen, W. Pfeffer, and D.S. Pfeil. By Ch. Wynsyr Out of Africa - Ch. Triplicity Encore Wicked. Owner: Gary Lennon.
3 63 Foxrun Wynsyr Rumor Has It. HP42838705. 03/28/12. Breeders, Lynn Mercer, W. Pfeffer, and D.S. Pfeil. By GCH Alphaville's Special Edition Wynsyr - GCH Wynsyr Taking Chances. Owners: Lynn Mercer, W. Pfeffer, D. S. Pfeil.

Bred By Exhibitor Dog

1 23 Winsong Jamna Poetic Justice. HP41125604. 06/18/11. Breeders, Gary D.Sinck and Nikki Gardner. By Ch. Kasban Winsong Heavenly Truth - Ch. Winsong Jakar Wisteria Lane At Jamna. Owners: C. A. Divoky, Richard F. Palcie, and Nikki Gardner.

American Bred Dog

1 25 Kasban Ravereview of Riverview. HP41857802. 09/18/11. Breeders, Laura Mauldin and Linda Guarino. By Ch. Kasban Micdreamy of Riverview - Ch. Riverview Dancing in the Moonlight. Owners: Mimi Baker and Linda Guarino.

Open Dog

2 27 Xoxo Easy to Love of Meadow Valley. HP39785701. (England) 07/01/09. Breeder, Ria Wagner. By Ch. Kryslaur's Blueprint of Winsong - Reach Out I'll Be There of Meadow Valley. Owner: Annie Camp.
3 29 Tells Caught Ya Lookin. HP33606203. (Sweden) 07/12/08. Breeders, Marie-Louise Tell-Collinge and Jorgen Collinge. By Agha Djan's Unplugged Version - Tells Miss Cutie Pie. Owners: Nicole and Shawn Hollinger, and Camilla Tell-Collinge.
Ab 31 Komar's Kruis' N Round. HP41090602. 08/12/11. Breeder, Marion Roby. By Ch. Jovan Cruise Control - Komar's Tera'n Round. Owner: Bryyce-Andre J. Norris.
4 33 Al Khabara Gifted Gambler. HP41360001. (Estonia) 01/11/11. Breeders, Aleksander Kullarand and Monica Kullarand. By Agha Djari's Urban Cowboy - Kingsleah Amazing Grace. Owners: Stephen Vaughan and Kathe Vaughan.
1 37 Mahali Criston Calypso. HP39646202. 10/04/10. Breeder, Lynne Schanzle. By Ch. Genesis Silverado - Ch. Belle Ami's Chance of a Lifetime. Owners: Lynne Schanzle and Christine E. Pinkston.

Winners Dog 37

Reserve Winners Dog 23

Puppy Bitch, 6-9 Months

1 8 Jamna Baker. HP42958201. 07/10/12. Breeders, Gary D. Sinck and Barbara Fogl. By Ch. Excel Dancing With The Stars - Ch. Alhawn Don't Bore Nina. Owner: Gary D. Sinck.

Puppy Bitch, 9-12 Months

1 6 Kasban Vengeance of Jolie. HP42958201. 04/01/12. Breeder, Laura Mauldin. By Ch. Agha Kjori's Revenge of Xenos - Ch. Kasban's Dream Girl. Owners: Jason and Jennifer Taylor.
2 10 Winsong's Bedazzled. HP44060801. 06/11/12. Breeders, Nikki Gardner, Mike Gardner, and Jody Gardner. By Ch. Kasban Winsong Heavenly Truth - Ch. Winsong Shekinah Rumor Has It. Owners: Nikki Gardner, Mike Gardner, and Jody Gardner.

Bred By Exhibitor Bitch

2 12 Ziv Hii's The Fifth Element. HP42240005. 11/27/11. Breeder, owner. By Ch. Alphaville's Walk the Line - Ch. Arcana's Fire Opal. Owner: Carla L. Helm
1 16 Kasban Envy Me. HP41857005. 09/18/11. Breeders, Laura Mauldin and Linda Guarino. By Ch. Kasban MicDreamy of Riverview - Ch. Riverview Dancing in the Moonlight. Owner: Laura Mauldin.

Open Bitch

2 18 Sumahari Carolina Cherry by Drishaun. HP44325401. (England) 12/04/11. Breeder, Mrs. S. M. Virgo. By Ch. Gazon What You See Is What You Get Drishaun - Altside in Black Silk for Sumahari. Owners: M. and A. Lancashire.
1 20 Genesis Candescence, JC. HP418897001. 09/15/11. Breeders, Lou Guerrero and Hank Nave. By Ch. Sura's Hollywood Nights, JC - Ch. Genesis I Wanna Talk About Me. Owners: Teri Tevlin, Lou Guerrero and Hank Nave.

Winners Bitch 20

Reserve Winners Bitch 16

Best of Breed

22 Ch. Xandali Taza Au Contraire. HP40996303. 05/26/11. Breeders, Lex Robertson, Floyd Gale, and Tony Saia. By Ch. Lafara's Dream Lover - GCH Beachbrook's Diamonds N Ash, JC. Owners: Beth and Tom Collins, Rosemary Zednick, and Lex Robertson. Bitch.

24 GCH Charter Oak Amber Moon. HP38180307. 04/06/10. Breeders, Michelle and Gene Vaccaro. By Star't Cutting Trax of Jhanzi - Ch. Charter Oak Luxanamoon. Owners: Erika Peters and Michelle and Gene Vaccaro. Bitch.

26 DC Kominek's Play the Game of Thrones, SC. HP40919301. 06/10/11. Breeders, Eddie Kominek and Selma Kominek. By Ch. Charsada Dream No Small Dreams, SC - DC Watling Street Zarin Sun at Dvangel, MC. Owners: Eddie Kominek and Selma Kominek. Bitch.

28 GCH Komar's Wild Violette Skye. HP35892704. 11/13/09. Breeder, Marion Roby. By Komar's Jokers 'R Wild, JC - Komar's Krims'N Skye, JC. Owner: Beth Anne Hall. Bitch.

30 Ch. Kasban Private Dancer. HP39338207. 07/03/10. Breeders, Linda Guarino and Laura Mauldin. By Ch.Agka Djari's Wilson of Xenos - Ch. Riverviews Dancing In The Moonlight. Owner: Gayle Shannon. Bitch.

32 Ch. Gabriel's Dare To Dream. HP37357903. 03/10/10. Breeders, Brenda and Neil Brody. By Ch. Gabriel's Rare Bear, JC - Valkor Dare To Stare. Owners: Neva and Jay Johnson. Bitch.

34 GCH Criston Enchanted. HP34787406. 07/07/09. Breeders, C. Pinkston, M. Friesen, and T. Elwess. By Ch. Mahali Kendall Jackson - Ch. Sandscript Criston Bit O Honey. Owner: Christine E. Pinkston. Bitch.

35 Rustic Mahali Hey Jude. HP39618603. 01/17/11. Breeders, Eileen Wolfe and Lynne Schanzle. By GCH Mahali Arriva Meadowlark - Ch. Mahali in Paisley. Owners: Sherry Licata, E. Wolfe, and L. Schanzle.

43 GCH Herr Pride and Prejudice A'Mirla. HP33649503. 02/17/09. Breeders, H. and E. Laudermilch. By Ch. Xandali Nut'N But Beachbrook - Ch. Herr Summerwind Triple Play. Owners: Mimi Baker and Eileen Laudermilch. Dog.

45 GCH Jolie Paparazzi. HP36796201. 02/15/10. Breeders, Jennifer Taylor and Jason Taylor. By Ch. Xenos Coveted - Ch. Cynergy's Bella Luna Davina. Owners: Karen Clark and Jennifer Taylor. Dog.

47 GCH Kamyheir to Poseidon of Spice Hill. HP37319102. 04/09/10. Breeder, Kazuyo Miura. By Ch. Poseidon of Mountain Top One, JP - Kamy Final Fantasy. Owners: Teri Tevlin and Kiyoshi Yamagami. Dog.

49 Ch. Jollie Orion. HP40752701. 04/15/11. Breeders, Jason and Jennifer Taylor. By Ch. Winsong Hollywood Park - Ch. Agha Djari's Zandalee. Owners: Jason W. and Jennifer Taylor. Dog.

51 Ch. Zen-Pahlavi You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, SC. HP36285705. 11/28/09. Breeders, Ellen Klosson and Karen Wagner. By Ch. Pahlavi Sundance Festival, JC - Ch. Pahlavi Ain't No Other. Owners: Ellen Klosson and Karen Wagner. Dog.

53 Ch. Riverview Space Odyssey of Kasban. HP39338201. 07/03/10. Breeders, Linda Guarino and Laura Part Mauldin. By Ch.Agha Djari's Wilson of Xenos - Ch. Riverview Dancing in the Moonlight. Owners: Linda Guarino and Danielle Devitt. Dog.

55 Ch. A-Mer's High Noon. HP34787404. 07/07/09. Breeders, Michelle Friesen, Christine Pinkston, and Tracee Elwess. By Ch. Mahali Kendall Jackson - Ch. Sandscript-Criston Bit O'Honey. Owner: Michelle Friesen. Dog.

57 Ch. Kasban Lura Bell Bottom Blues. HP39755806. 10/06/10. Breeders, Laura Mauldin and Suzanne Neil. By GCH Excel Dream Chaser - GCH Lura Sirae Wisteria Lane. Owners: Laura Mauldin and Juzamu Neil. Dog.

59 Ch. Scaramouche Show Much Go On. HP43741601. 11/18/09. Breeder, Clair Van Den Bergh. By Aviva T'Scaramouche - Scaramouche Déjà Vu. Owners:L Anna Stromberg, Ben Franzoso, and Clair Van Den Bergh. Dog.

61 Ch. Hi Kaliber's U Don't Know Jacque, JC. HP22115803. 08/01/06. Breeders, owners. By Ch. Lyrix Hall of Flame - Ch. Dragonfly-High Kalibers Shiraz, JC. Owners: Neva and Jay Johnson. Dog.

Best of Breed 49

Best of Winners 20

Best of Opposite Sex 22

Select Dog 47

Select Bitch 36

Award of Merit 45

Award of Merit 57

Best Puppy 6

Best Bred By Exhibitor 23

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