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March 30, 2014 Specialty Regular Classes Results

Judge: Garry Newton

Puppy Dog, 6-9 Months

2 5 Kasban Bluesbreaker. HP46329802. 08/10/2013. Breeder, Laura Mauldin. By Ch. Kasban Sura Bell Bottom Blues – Kasban Egyptian Blue. Owners, Gayle Shannon and Laura Mauldin.
1 7 Mahali Windfall Rumour Has It at High Kaliber. HP45720303. 08/11/2013. Breeder, Lynne Schanzle and Cathy Rodgers. By GCH. Mahali Arriva Sandpiper – GCH Ma-hali Windfall’s Chatterbox. Owners, Neva and Jay Johnson
3 11 Regle Artist of Life. HP46274801. 08/02/2013. Breeder, owner. By GCH. Jolie Orion – Ch. Scaramis Touched By Regle Art. Owner, Diana Fife.
4 15 ElevateUrGameCynergy of Meadow Valley. A21379GER (Germany). Breeders, Ria and Toni Wagner. By Xenos Torque – She Who Laughs Last of Meadow Valley. Own-ers, Janice Buttler and Ria Wagner.
21 Jolie Foreshadow. HP45993503. 07/27/2013. Breed-ers, Sylvia Krupp and Jennifer and Jason Taylor. By GCH. Jolie Paparazzi – Ch. Jolie Haute Couture. Owner, Erike Peters.
19 Celestian Stuck in a Moment. HR10252 (Croatia) 08/23/2013. Breeder, Maja Dragovic and Darko Petreski. By Celestian Indigo Blue – Celestian Barcelona. Owners, Gerald M. Bazar and Tracee Elwess.

Puppy Dog, 9-12 Months

AB 23 Victorian A Twizt On Purple Rain. HP45221404. 04/28/2013. Breeders, owners. By Ch. Willowmoor Jodell In-evitable – Ch. Victorian Cinnamon Twizt, FCh. Owners, James and Deborah Coudriet.
1 25 Ziv Hii’s Blue Flam Cruze. HP45022403. 04/19/2013. Breeder, Carla L. Helm. By Ziv Hii’s Element of Fire – Ziv Hii’s She’s A Raw Flame. Owner, Stephen M. Williams

Junior Dog,12-18 Months

1 27 Jolie Soothsayer. HP44946302. 02/04/2013. Breeders, Jennifer and Jason Taylor. By Ch. Agha Djari’s Revenge of Xenos – Ch. Jolie Opening Remarks. Owner, Alexandra Treadway
2 29 Swan Lake Black Swan. HP44337101. 12/16/2012. Breeder, Johnnatan Linares. By Swan Lake Long Live The King – Swan Lake Starry Night. Owner, Lori Gency.
3 31 Swan Lake First in Flight. HP44337107. 12/16/2012. Breeder, Johnnatan Linares. By Swan Lake Long Live The King – Swan Lake Starry Night. Owner, Lori Gency.

Bred By Exhibitor Dog

1 33 Paladin Let the Music Play of Spice Hill. HP41921503. 09/07/2011. Breeders, Michael Liss, Teri Tevlin, Anthony Saia, Floyd Gale, and Lex Robertson. By Ch. Paladin’s Black Gold – Paladin Dream Girl. Owners, Claire Satlof, Jeff Bedrick, Teri Tevlin, and Michael Liss.

3 35 Ziv Hii’s Element of Fire. HP42240001. 11/27/2011. Breeder, owner. By Ch. Alphaville’s Walk the Line – Ch. Arcana’s Fire Opal. Owner, Carla L. Helm.

4 37 Victorian Over The Rainbow W’A Twizt. HP45221402. 04/28/2013. Breeders, owners. By Ch. Wil-lowmoor Jodell Inevitable – Ch. Victorian Cinnomon Twizt, FCh. Owners, James and Deborah Coudriet.

2 39 Kasban Revolution. HP46329803. 08/10/2013. Breeder, Laura Part Mauldin. By Ch. Kasban Sura Bell Bottom Bllues – Kasban Egyptian Blue. Owners, Charlotte Laura Salles and Laura Part Mauldin.

Open Dog

1 41 Komar’s Kruis’N Round. HP41090602. 08/12/2011. Breeder, Marion Roby. By Ch. Jovan Cruise Control – Komar’s Tera’n Round. Owner, Bryce-Andre J. Norris.

Winners Dog 33

Reserve Winners Dog 27

Puppy Bitch, 6-9 Months

2 6 Greatest Love of All A Touch of Freedom. HP46478601. 07/01/2013. Breeder, Michaela Muhle-meyer-Nollen. By Ch. Be A Dream A Touch of Freedom – Ch. Classic Example A Touch of Freedom. Owners, Neva and Jay Johnson.

1 10 Jolie Palindrome. HP45993501. 07/27/2013. Breeders, owners. By GCH. Jolie Paparizzi – Ch. Jolie Haute Couture, JC. Owners, J. & J. Taylor and S. Krupp.

3 12 Kasban Any Way The Wind Blows. HP46329801. 08/10/2013. Breeder, Laura Mauldin. By Ch. Kasban Sura Bell Bottom Blues – Kasban Egyptian Blue. Owners, Gayle Shannon and Laura Mauldin.

Junior Bitch, 12- 18 Months

1 14 Diamonds In The Sky of Meadow Valley. HP46039301. 01/04/2013. Breeder, Ria and Toni Wag-ner. By GCH. Regime’s Thriller of Elmo – GCH Whatever Lola Wants of Meadow Valley. Owner, Mary Jane Szezurek and Janice Buttler.
3 16 Deloubelle Maya Wt’Love To You. AE522832 (Canada). 03/14/2013. Breeder, Louise Quimet-Lavigne. By Scent Fame Above The Clouds – Deloubelle Maya Taiga Lory. Owners, Cheryl Rahaman and Lousie Ouimet-Lavigne.
2 18 Rustic Native Dancer of El Chaman. HP44231410. 10/27/2012. Breeders, Eileen Wolfe, Wm. Mines, and K. Parsen. By GCH. Rustic Ringmaster – GCH. Rustic Title Paige of Spirit Ridge. Owners, Sherry Licata and Eileen Wolfe.
4 20 Kingsleah My Oh My. HP45320101. 02/27/2013. Breeder, Gunilla Holmgren. By Int. Ch. Kingsleah Blue Star – Int. Ch. Kingsleah Star of Asia. Owner, Ellen Klosson.
22 Deloubelle Maya Moet Chandon. HP45983002. 12/01/2012. Breeder, Louise Lavigne and Cheryl Ra-haman. By Ch. Andros Chasin’ on ‘ur Dreams – Ch. Maya Deloubelle Celebration. Owner, JoaAnne Chil-dress.

Bred By Exhibitor Bitch

1 24 Kasban Wildest Dreams. HP42958205. 04/01/2012. Breeder, Laura Mauldin. By Ch. Agha Djari Revenge of Xenos – Ch. Kasban Dream Girl. Owner, Laura Mauldin.
AB 26 Stillwinds Ecco Boanne’s Forbidden Fruit. HP42940712. 04/09/2012. Breeders, S. Haggerty, A. Evans, L. Brown, and P. Schalfmayer. By GCH. Kam-eron Dragonfly’s Chain Reaction – Ch. Boanne’s Jeze-bel. Owners, Shirley Haggerty, Lucia Brown, and Philip Schafmayor.

Open Bitch

AB 28 Pahlavi Itz Abzzzolutely Fabulous. HP41750603. 09/14/2011. Breeder, Karen Wagner. By Ch. Pahlavi Puttin On The Ritz – Ch. Pahlavi On Broadway. Owners, Ann Nicholson and Karen Wagner.
3 30 Ziv Hii’s Element of Style. HP42240002. 11/27/2011. Breeder, Carla Helm. By Ch. Alphaville’s Walk the Line – Ch. Arcana’s Fire Opal. Owner, Marilyn Jennings.
AB 32 Kasban Vengeance of Jolie. HP42958201. 04/01/2012. Breeder, Laura Mauldin. By Ch. Agha Djari’s Revenge of Xenos – Ch. Kasban’s Dream Girl. Owners, Jason W. and Jennifer Taylor.
2 34 Drishaun Say It Ain’t So. AP03547705 (England). 07/28/2012. Breeders, Mr. M. and Mrs. A.M. Lancashire. By Drishaun Declan – Ch. Gazon It Ain’t About You Drishaun. Owners, James and Debbie Webb.
1 38 A-Mer’s High Society. HP34787403. 07/07/2009. Breeders, Michelle Friesen, Christine Pinkston, and Tracee Elwess. By Ch. Mahali Kendall Jackson – Ch. Sandscript-Criston Bit O’Honey, CGC.

Winners Bitch 14

Reserve Winners Bitch 24

Best of Breed

40 GCH. Komar’s Wild Violette Skye. HP35892704. 11/113/2009. Breeder, Marion Roby. By Komar’s Jokers’R Wild, JC – Komar’s Krime’N Skye, JC. Owner Beth Anne Hall. Bitch.

42 Ch. Zon-Pahlavi It Ain’t All Glitz N Glam. HP36285704. 11/28/2009. Breeder, Klosson, Wagner. By Ch. Pahlavi Sundance Festival – Ch. Pahlavi Ain’t No Other. Owners, Jeff Bracken, Klosson, P. Truman, K. Wagner. Bitch.

43 Brilliant Night JP Dear Zeus. HP46636201. 08/16/2012. Breeder, Takiko Tsuji. By Ch. Poseidon of Mountain Top One, JP – Brilliant Majesty JP Charmer Sheila. Owner, Takiko Tsuji. Dog.

44 Ch. Furbari Moon Masquerade, SC. HP35799902. 06/20/2009. Breeder, Helen Furber. By Fubari Varekai – Fubari Silver Jewel. Owner, Marilyn Jennings. Bitch.

45 GCH. Jolie Paparazzi. HP36796201. 02/05/2010. Breeder, Jennifer and Jason Taylor. By Ch. Xenos Coveted – Ch. Cynergy’s Bella Luna Davina. Owners, Karen Clark and Jennifer Taylor. Dog.

AB 47 GCH Tells Caught Ya Lookin. HP33606203. 07/12/2008. Breeders, Marie-Louise Tell-Collinge and Jorgen Collinge. By Agha Dhari’s Unplugged Version – Tells Miss Cutie Pie. Owners, Nicole and Shawn Hollinger and Camilla TellCollinge. Dog

49 Ch. Kasban Sura Bell Bottom Blues. HP39755806. 10/06/2010. Breeders, Laura Part Mauldin and Suzanne Neill. By GCH. Excel Dream Chaser – GCH Sura Sirae Wisteria Land. Owners, Erika Peters, Laura Part Mauldin and Suzanne Neill. Dog.

51 GCH Jolie Orion. HP40752701. 04/15/2011. Breed-ers, owners. By Ch. Winsong Hollywood Park, JC – Ch. Agha Djari’s Zandalee. Owners, Jason and Jennifer Taylor. Dog.

52 GCH. Criston Enghanted. HP34787406. 07/07/2009. Breeders, C. Pinkston, M. Friesen, and T. Elwess. By Ch. Ma-hali Kendall Jackson – Ch. Sandscript Criston Bit O’Honey. Owners, Christing Pinkston and Nancy Shaw. Bitch.

53 Ch. Rave Review of Riverview. HP41857802. 09/18/2011. Breeders, Linda Guarino and Laura Mauldin. By Ch. Kasban Mic Dreamy of Riverview – Ch. Riverview Dancing in the Moonlight. Owners, Mimi Baker and Linda Guarino. Dog.

AB55 GCH. Beaujon’s Breaking News. HP39790706. 11/13/2010. Breeders, David Beauregard and Christine Dir-lenzo. By Ch. Beaujon Sweet Metalic – Trinity Beaujon Bedaz-zled. Owner, Beth Anne Hall. Dog.

57 GCH. Pahlavi Itz Not My First Rodeo. HP41750601. 09/14/2011. Breeder, Wagner and Klosson. By Ch. Pahlavi Puttin’ on the Ritz – Ch. Pahlavi On Broadway. Owner, Karen Wagner. Dog.

AB 59 Ch. Rustic Mahali Against the Wind. HP39618605. 01/17/2011. Breeder, Lynne Schanzle. By GCH. Mahali Arriva Meadowlark – Ch. Mahali In Paisley. Owners, Eileen Wolfe and Lynne Schanzle. Dog.

Best of Breed 52

Best of Winners 14

Best of Opposite Sex 57

Select Dog 43

Select Bitch 42

Award of Merit 51 & 45

Best Puppy 10

Best Bred By Exhibitor 33

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