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April 1, 2017 Judges Critique Regular Classes

Kristie M. Wheeler (Judge)

The comradery of the RAHC membership was evident from their dinner, auction & art deco afghans each member skillfully decorated. What a wonderful idea for keepsakes and money raising for the club. I plan to steal this idea for my club.

Thank you for inviting me to judge your afghans in this area of the US. Its fun and educational to see what different regions have to offer in type, structure and pedigree

My dog class was not large but found a black and tan young male who I chose for WD. I found him having good front and rear angles, good breed type & movement was sound and true tracking. My only objection was he lacked a desired tail.
The Reserve dog from the open class had clearly more ring savvy and very animated. He was not as strongly angled in the front assembly.

The WB/BOS was from the BBE class. A very pretty Black and tan girl who had it all together. Sound & clean moving, good angles and lovely breed type.
Reserve went to her littermate ( known afterwards ) who didn't have it all together yet. Believe with maturity that she would excel over the WB.

The BOB dog had perfect shoulder assembly. Wonderful to know it still exists ! The front and rear angles aligned to make this boy float like the standard states. He had breed type, in very good physical condition, covered his space effortlessly and made this old breeders senses stir.

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